Make Money And Avoid Scams

E-books have become somewhat of a phenomenon on the Internet because they are so easy to create, and yet they sell like hotcakes on the Web. Many online business owners are earning a six-figure income selling e-books about almost any subject you can imagine. You too can make money fast with this lucrative home business … Read more

How Do I Build A Winning Business Plan?

  business plans, sample business plans, business plan, example business plans Article Body: Using sample business plans and their structure, along with studying as many business plan examples as you can, will provide you with the necessary framework to consider your business from every possible angle. Starting or running your business without a business plan … Read more

Your Business Merchant Account

Do you have a business merchant account? If not, isn’t it time you got one? The companies you compete against for customer business may already have this special account that allows them to process customers’ credit payments. If you are not yet doing so, why not apply for a merchant account to help your business … Read more

Business Plan Writers: Should You Hire One?

Are you interested in starting up your own business?  If so, you should carefully consider writing a business plan.  The thought of preparing a business plan tends to fill most business owners with dread; it can be a difficult, stressful, and time consuming process.  For this reason alone you may want to think about seeking … Read more

Monetizing the Social Network

A review of ways marketers can align with these consumer hot spots.  Online social networks are hot. Those who participate in them belong to two, three, four, maybe even more than 10 or 20 different ones. They enjoy their features, upload photos, request business contacts and talk with friends.  For now, consumers get to do … Read more

Doing Business Online: Get Leads In Real-Time

  The advantages of doing business online—regardless of what industry you’re a part of—is the fact that you can enjoy the perks of a round-the-clock business without supervising it simultaneously. You also have the benefits of generating responses in real-time and creating an effective database from where you can store the crucial information in your … Read more

Branding Cures Several Marketing Headaches

Are you trying to attract business with a no-name, no-differences-from-competitors company identity? Branding your company, when done well, not only helps you stand out in a field of similar choices, it also helps you avoid price-shoppers and deliver results to customers that inspire loyalty. Here’s why. Headache #1: Competitors all seem the same Put yourself … Read more

Brand Your Business

You may have heard something about ‘branding’ in regards to marketing, but perhaps you’ve wondered what that means exactly. Sometimes it is better to explain something in relation to something else. That’s what I am going to do – so first I will start with ‘positioning’. You also may have heard that term, but also … Read more

Chronicles of a Marketing Expert – Blogs, RSS, and Podcasting

Okay, so you’re a marketing expert but you haven’t yet embraced emerging technologies like blogs, RSS feeds, or podcasts.  If you think these technologies are a passing fad, then think again.  Today, major businesses and a significant number of marketing professionals are using these tools to influence, persuade, and encourage consumers to take action. Let’s … Read more